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48th USJOC Portraits are now available!

Happy New Year to our wrestling family! Your United States Junior Open Championship  individual portraits are now available!

The proofs are taken on the white background, but they are added to the sample background after ordering, with the name and club pulled from the USJOC bracket. You have an option to add notes on the individual photo and the order if you would like to specify proper spelling (should the bracket have errors.) There is a sample folder on the website that shows you what the final image looks like.

USJOC Podiums will be available before January 19, 2024. We still have a ton of paperwork (importing all the bracket names and clubs) and composing of the podiums. We made some enhancements to the digital podium that we know you will love.

* Since 2020, USJOC has asked that we take individual photos and then compose them into a digital podium. This speeds up the photo process significantly and puts the extra time on our end instead of yours.

Image sample:

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