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USJOC 2022 Podiums in Process

We've begun uploading the composed podiums for USJOC 2022. If you preordered, we will send out the podiums as they become available. If you have not preordered, we will leave that open until all podiums have been completed. All preorders + individual preorders will be sent when the podium has been completed.

You can preorder HERE

Podiums are available here as they are completed and can be purchased directly from this site: https://sports.redhomephotos.com/gallery/USJOCPodium2022/

If you preordered or ordered individual shots, those will begin shipping on Monday, January 10, 2022. Watch your email for updates. All digital orders have been sent.

Individual shots can be seen and purchased from this site: https://sports.redhomephotos.com/gallery/USJOC2022/

The images seen online are proofs only and will be added to the background seen in the Sample folder after purchase. If your wrestler is missing, please give us an email at Contact@RedhomePhotos.com or direct message on Instagram or Facebook (@RedhomePhotos)

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