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USJOC Dec 28-30, 2023

We are gearing up for United States Junior Open Championship this weekend with some incredible enhancements to our flow and imagery.

After picking their medal, your wrestler will come see us to take their individual photo for the digitally composited podiums. We ask that the wrestlers not skip this step, as the Championship requires this and is agreed to in the wrestler's registration rules. Wrestlers and their family want to see all medaling wrestlers in their bracket on the composited podium. Your wrestler will take a very quick photo on our white background and then released.

Below is a sample of our digital USJOC individual photo background and a couple samples of last year's podium photos. (This is not a sample of the podium backdrop for this year.)

We anticipate having all wrestler images online by January 5, 2024 and podiums complete by January 19, 2024.

Missing wrestlers makes this image disappointing to the Championship and those wanting to remember the tournament and their place with their competitors.

Having all the wrestlers on a the image is exactly what everyone is looking for. Please ensure your wrestler shows up and has their photo taken, even if you will not purchase.

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