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It all starts with organization

If you have ever seen us at a wrestling tournament, you will know that we want to have each picture we take catalogued. We have developed a system over the years of accurately organizing and cataloguing with high accuracy, as long as the wrestler received the right card.

Before each tournament we print hundreds of cards, with each division, weight, and place on them. When the wrestlers receive their medal, they bring us the card and we put their image number on that card and toss it in our bucket to organize later. When the tournament is over, we stack them into division, then age, then by place in order. Those go into a database, where we will eventually pull the name information off the bracket and put that with the photo number.

All this is done before we ever post the photos, so that you can find your favorite wrestlers' photos with ease.

If you came here from the card your wrester received at OKWA State, we are actively organizing the cards and photos. We will make a new post once everything is ready for view, which should be late on February 19th or early February 20th.

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