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OKWA Open and Girls Information

Congratulations to all of the placers at the OKWA 46th Annual State Championships! We are honored to be able to take your placers' photos and we cannot thank OKWA enough for trusting us each year.

We have transferred the photos to our computer and organized all of the placer cards. We will begin our basic images edits, organize them appropriately (using those cards we organized), and get them uploaded to the website. Please allow us 3-5 days to complete the process. We anticipate they will be ready no later than February 23. 2024.

Once those images are uploaded and all of our organization is complete, with names from the brackets, we will begin the process of completing the digital podiums. We took standard photos of each placer that came up and we will put those images into a digital podium. It usually takes us about 2-3 weeks to fully complete them. Any wrestler that did not show for photos will have a gray image in their place.

In most cases for champions, we used a sample bracket provided to us by the tournament. The names on the bracket will not be visible on the composed podiums, but it may be on an individual photo you may order. If the text on the bracket is an issue for you on your individual orders, please comment on the checkout page and we will get the names removed digitally.

Accuracy of our imagery is highly dependent on each wrestler getting the right card at the medal table. Each worker at the table does a great job, but are humans like every one of us and mistakes can happen. They are under a tremendous amount of pressure to move quickly with a crowd around them and we thank them for the work they do getting the cards in the hands of the wrestlers for us. Shoot us a message, comment on a post, or email us for any mistakes you may see and we will get them corrected.

Stay tuned on for new and updated information as we progress. Check us out on Facebook at as well.

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