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OKUSA Individual Images are ready!

OKUSA Wrestling individual photos have been completed and are online.

These images were taken on a white background, but that is not the image that will be delivered to you. Check out the Sample folder to see what the photo will look like. We pull the name and club from the Track Wrestling bracket, so if you prefer a certain name or club, please include that on the image comments during the checkout process.

The sample bracket is one provided by the tournament for us to use. Yes, the wrong year is on there, but we will remove that after purchased and before your order is fulfilled.

For reasons unknown to us, we did get a lot of handwritten cards and piece of paper from the medal table, instead of our preprinted cards. It did cause some problems within our data, so if your wrestler is missing or in the wrong place, please send us a message so we can correct it. Luckily, the spread of the errors appears to be very limited. We are dependent on them to give the right card to the right wrestler, but everyone is human and mistakes will happen.

We are also aware that wresters during Open finals were told they already had a digital image of your wrestler and they did not need to take a photo for the podium. If your wrestler did not show up for us to photograph them, we do not have their photo. I am not sure who said so or why they said so, but the statement was false. If your wrestler did not get their photo taken at OKUSA after finals and you want them on the podium, we will be at OKWA State this month. Please send us a message and we will add you to the list to have your wrestler's photo taken at OKWA between busy periods.

Sample Image:

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